5. The memory modules:

Pilot 1000 / 5000 memory modules:

Schematics diagrams and component pinout

On the 128K model there is an additional U3 (128K x 8 RAM), model KM68V1000 as seen below.

128K Memory Module

On the 512K model there are U2 (512K x 8 RAM), model TC518512, U5 (AND gate), model TC7S08, R2 (jumper) and a jumper wire.

On the 1M model there are U1 and U2 (512K x 8 RAM), model TC518512 (together they form a 512K x 16 RAM, a.k.a. 1M RAM), U5 (AND gate), R1 (jumper) and a jumper wire, as seen below.

1M Memory Module

The memory chip used at 512K and 1M memory modules is the Toshiba's TC518512AFT-80V and an AND gate TC7S08F. The memory chip used at 128K memory module is the Sansung's KM68V1000BLT-7L

PalmPilot memory modules:

This is the NEW 512K Memory Module from PalmPilot Personal. (Courtesy of Carlos A.A.Hespanhol)
Note: This is a new printed circuit board w/ PalmOS version 2 firmware and can be upgraded up to 2 M !!!!!!

PalmPilot 512K MM

Please check Steve's Hardware Page about other PalmPilot memory modules and upgrades.

How to upgrade Memory Modules:

Check Steve's Hardware Page about upgrading memory modules to 1M or more by yourself !

You can buy memory chips from people at www.interwb.com/memory.htm#PILOT.

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