4. What is the cradle?

Cradle apart

OK. Now that you know pin assignments it is time to have some fun !

Pilot is very smart, try this:

Open a paper clip and insert it between holes 2 (RXD) and 3(TXD) of DB9F connector short-circuiting them.
Put Pilot on the cradle and press HotSync button.

Isn't it smart ?

Also, James Lin wrote: linja@starr.econ.nyu.edu

" Here's something I've found:
Pin 4 (on the back of the Pilot) is the HotSync input; pin 9 is +3.3V. As you know, when they're connected, the Pilot starts a desktop HotSync. If Pin 3 (GP Input) and 4 are both connected to pin 9, the Pilot will do a Modem Hotsync.
On the PalmPilot one can change what the "Cradle HotSync button" and the "modem hotsync button" does; i.e., run something other than HotSync. So,depending on whether the GP Input is active or not, the Pilot can do two different things."

Thank you James on this tip !

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