10. Modems:

Using the following adapter you can plug Pilot's Cradle to Modem without USR Modem Cable (and save some $) !

Modem Kit Adapter

Pilot Cradle to Modem adapter


DB9 Male to CradleDB25 Male to Modem
1 NC

Pilot-Modem dialog

Phone: 555.1234
	Dial prefix: not
	Disable call waiting: not
	Use calling card: not
TouchTone selected
Modem: USRobotics Sportster Si
Speed: 19200 bps
String: AT&FM1L0&K3+H0 (default when Sportster Si is selected)
Dialog:			;Meaning
ATQ0Z			;Q0 =display result codes/
			;Z  =restore modem profile
+++ATQ0H0		;+++=escape to command  mode/
			;H0 =hang up (just in case)
ATQ0Z			;Z  =restore profile
ATQ0E0			;E0 =echo off
ATQ0&FM1L0&K3+H0	;&F =restore factory configuration/
			;M1 =speaker on until connect/
			;L0 =low speaker volume/
			;&K3=enable hardware flow (RTS/CTS)/
			;+H0=disable RPI
ATQ0E0			;E0 =echo off
ATQ0&D0&C1		;&D0=DTR override (see note 1)/
			;&C1=normal CD operations
ATQ0X1			;X1 =blind dial
ATQ0X4			;X4 =wait for dial tone/report busy (see note 2)
ATQ0V1S7=70S6=4		;V1 =display verbal codes/
			;S7=70 = 70 seconds waiting for carrier/
			;S6=4  = 4 seconds waiting for dial tone (see note 3)
ATQ0DT555.1234		;DT555.1234 = dial using tone 555.1234
			;After press CANCEL on Pilot screen
+++ATQ0H0		;+++=escape to command mode/
			;H0 =hang up


  1. Because there is no DTR wire (modem pin 20) from Pilot. Pilot can simulate DTR line but this is not used at this moment (needs a pull-up)
  2. This way we can not dial without a known dial tone if needed (like in some areas out of USA)
  3. There no reason for this setting. Using X4 modem will dial as soon as it detects a known dial tone. Modem will not dial without a known dial tone (no good outside USA).

Sneak Preview:
World's 1st portable modem for Pilot !
Thanks to Chris Hudak.

ModemModem open
Modem inside

Chris wrote: "This is a modified practical peripherals 24/96 fax modem. I took the standard 4 foot pilot modem cable and cut it to make the whole package smaller. I only used TX, RX and signal ground so there is no hardware flow control. I don't seem to have any problems. I have successfully transferred 77 mail messages in one session so it seems to run OK even for long transfers. This is defiantly not the modem I want to keep for mail it is much too slow but it works that was my intention to make it a truly portable e-mail machine. I will probably raffle this off when I get my new modem, I'm sure there is some poor unfortunate soul out there that spent his last dime just to get his Pilot. Maybe someone will write a fax app so I can try the fax in this unit. If you have any questions on this project e-mail me.

Thanks, Chris Hudak
Communications Engineer
hudakc@afcpo.wpafb.af.mil "

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