Pilot Software Development

12 Sep 03 - Warfare Incorporated released!

This one has been a long time in the making but I think you'll understand why when you play it. Warfare Incorporated is a no-compromises Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game for PalmOS and PocketPC compatible handhelds. Developed by my other company, Spiffcode, and published by Handmark.

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12 Oct 00 - QuickBits 1.0 released!

I have just completed my latest creation, QuickBits, a utility to enhance the performance (speed) of Palm and PalmOS compatible handhelds. Here's a quick blurb and a link to my company's web site:

Your Palm will SCREAM
with QuickBits!. 


Make your Palm (or PalmOS compatible handheld) run faster! QuickBits optimizes several common operations to improve their performance by as much as 8 times the original speed. Applications which rely heavily on these operations (text drawing, memory read/write, memory filling, form popup/hide, form draw) gain a significant speed boost. All this translates into a snappier, more responsive Palm user interface.

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1 Jan 98 - Pilot Software Development reorg

I've had a lot of fun building and maintaining this site but over the last few months I've been pursuing non-Pilot projects and Pilot Software Development has fallen behind the times. My original vision for this site was to provide a complete reference to tools and resources available to Pilot programmers as well as up-to-date news of interest to Pilot software developers.

These days the most complete references for Pilot development tools and resources is the excellent Palm OS Development FAQ. The FAQ has grown nicely and is now a much richer source of information than I've had time to provide. Also, don't forget to check out PalmSource's own developer site for the the official word on Palm OS development.

The most up to date source of Pilot software development news, with many postings a day, are the news groups hosted on news.superwaba.net. You can read these newsgroups with your favorite news reader or most Web browsers (Netscape 2.0 or newer, Internet Explorer 3.0 or newer). With a browser, follow these links:

pilot.programmer news://news.superwaba.net/pilot.programmer
pilot.programmer.gcc news://news.superwaba.net/pilot.programmer.gcc
pilot.programmer.codewarrior news://news.superwaba.net/pilot.programmer.codewarrior
pilot.programmer.pila news://news.superwaba.net/pilot.programmer.pila
pilot.programmer.jump news://news.superwaba.net/pilot.programmer.jump

For general Pilot questions, not limited to software development, the most complete resource is currently Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ. If you're just looking for cool software (mostly free or shareware) to download for your Pilot then head over to PilotGear.com.

Many Pilot owners are curious about the Pilot's hardware. Liuz Coutinho has torn his apart, taken many photos and created the Hardware Stuff page to share his information with you. Great stuff!

For the curious I've archived my old news articles and other pages, including the News, Pila News, ASDK News, Tools and Articles, and Pilot Development Resources. Most of the information on these pages is superceded by the Palm OS Development FAQ but you may find it entertaining anyway. Enjoy!

- Darrin Massena (darrin@massena.com)